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Lawn Treatment Program

We offer a 5 step, yearly lawn fertilization and treatment program which will enhance the health of your lawn. We can create a custom program that will benefit you and your lawn, but our preventive care program will be just enough nutrients to help your lawn flourish.

Sometimes inclement weather can cause disease and an imbalance of pests in your lawn. These issues can also be treated with fungicides and pesticides if needed.

Application 1 (early spring): Pre-emergent crabgrass preventative, balanced granule fertilizer, broadleaf weed control as weather permits.

Application 2 (late spring): A spray with fertilizer, iron for greenness, and broad leaf weed control.

Application 3 (early summer): Balanced granular fertilizer and grub control.

Application 4 (early fall): Sprays with broad leaf weed control, and balance fertilizer.

Application 5 (late fall): Granule winter fertilizer.

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