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Services We Provide For Residence Care

• Lawn Mowing: This usually starts at the beginning of April and we mow on a weekly schedule. The mowing includes all trimming, edging, and blowing.

• Fertilizing and weed control: We recommend 5 applications. They include a balanced approach of fertilizers and weed control. In the 5 applications it will include a grub control that will last through the whole year.

• Bush trimming: This service is provided in the spring and fall if desired to shape your landscaping bushes.

• Aerating and Seeding: We recommend these services in the fall because of cooler temperatures. This can be done in the spring if there is an irrigation system.
We use a variety of seeds according to the conditions of your lawn.

• Leaf clean ups: We provide this in the fall and as needed in the spring. We mulch and completely remove the leaves by hauling them off.

• Weed control in flower beds: We apply a pre-emergence in the beds that will stop the germination of weed seeds.

• Mulching: This can be done in a variety of colors. Mulching is used as a weed barrier and sometimes just for aesthetic purposes.

• Landscape Lighting: This will be customized to your desire with LED lighting. We can also replace your existing lighting, changing it over to LED.

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